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15,392,203 Green Careers are Possible

When we invest 10 trillion dollars in green infrastructure, we can stop the climate crisis and create millions of Green New Careers in the process.

What are Green New Careers?

Green New Careers are long term living wage jobs that enhance the well-being, culture, and governance of future generations and contribute to the decarbonization of our economy, the resilience of our communities and the restoration of our environment. Not all green jobs require a hard hat, many will help us support and care for our communities as they grow and change.

What Are Green New Careers?
  • 416,569 Wind Turbine Service Technicians
  • 106,941 Preschool Teachers
  • 98,616 Licensed Vocational Nurses
  • 22,489 Marketing Specialists
  • 243,222 Nursery Farmworkers
  • 124,336 Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Supervisors

Green New Careers would help every part of the U.S.

  1. 84% of Green New Jobs don't Require a Degree
  2. 89% Don't Require Previous Experience
  3. 75% Offer on the Job Training
  4. 54% Would be located outside of cities

and would be spread across the entire economy!

  1. 27% New Jobs In Agriculture
  2. 21% New Jobs In Transportation
  3. 21% New Jobs In Clean Energy
  4. 20% New Jobs In the Care Economy

What is your role in the Green New Future?

  • SunriseGC-Careworker
    The Careworker
  • SunriseGC-Observer
    The Observer
  • SunriseGC-Naturalist
    The Naturalist
  • SunriseGC-Communicator
    The Communicator
  • SunriseGC-Organizer
    The Organizer
  • SunriseGC-Builder
    The Builder
  • SunriseGC-Grower
    The Grower
  • SunriseGC-Analyst
    The Analyst
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