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With a historic 10 trillion dollar investment in our future we can create a Civilian Climate Corps and 15 million good green careers. Take the quiz to find out what careers might fit you!

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I like building and crafting things with my hands.
I like to bring in a wide variety of skills and disciplines to solve problems.
I enjoy working with plants and biology.
I'm curious about how the world works.
I have a knack for understanding how machines work.
I am constantly coming up with new ideas.
I like translating complex information into simple terms.
If I see a need around me I will step in to fix it.
I like knowing what is going on in the world around me.
I am good at keeping records of my work.
I want to find the truth in the world.
I like to express myself through art, music, or creative pursuits.
I want to learn why and how things flourish.
I enjoy reusing, recycling, and finding new possibilities for things.
I like to lead teams.
I want to help heal our land, water, and air.
I like to have clear instructions to follow.
I like work that takes patience and planning.
I enjoy listening to others.
I am a practical person.
I like raising and working with animals.
I like to teach or train people.
I believe disagreements and conflicts are opportunities for growth.
I would like stability in my work environment.
I like understanding how ecosystems work.
I like providing support and food for my family and friends.
I like to analyze things (problems/situations).
I like asking and answering hard questions.
I pay attention to details.
I enjoy helping other people with their problems.
I enjoy working in nature and working with animals.
I like to work in teams.
I believe in experimentation and data-driven solutions.
I like creating things people use in their daily lives.
I am quick to take on new responsibilities.
I enjoy working in big groups.
I like to organize things.
I am fulfilled by developing a deep understanding of complex ideas.
I prefer to work face to face with people.
I am curious about other people's lives.