The Grower

The world is plentiful, and The Grower wants to share that natural plenty with everyone. You put knowledge from biology and science to good use, cultivating the natural gifts from the land and water in ways that provides everyone what they need to live while maintaining the balance of ecosystems we're healing. You are patient. You know the fruits of your labor are not always immediate or visible, but your work provides the food, water, medicine and other materials that will sustain us for generations to come.


About the Grower

  • Integrity is the heart of the Grower. Growers prefer managing the reality of the situations they encounter with plain and simple honesty.
  • They prefer to communicate clearly, with direct and factual questions and answers. To Growers, things are what they are.
  • Growers are very imaginative when it comes to practical things like mechanics and crafts. Novel ideas come easily, and they love using their hands to put them into action.
  • They embody that integrity in their actions, too, working hard and staying focused on their goals. Patient and determined, people with the Grower personality type meet their obligations, period.
  • They are full of life and energy. There is no greater joy for Growers than pushing boundaries and discovering and using new things and ideas.
  • Growers love knowledge and philosophy, but not for their own sake. They love finding ideas that are actionable and drilling into the details so they can put them to use.

Explore Your Other Green Careers Possibilities

    Your Role in a Green New Deal

    Growers provide the renewable sustenance that allows the rest of us to eat and grow. Modern agriculture practices are extremely wasteful and harmful to the environment, and we need people to explore renewable agricultural methods that will help regenerate our soils, climate, and ecosystems.

    We need new fertilizers, irrigation systems, seeds, and growing strategies. Growers love to spend their time learning from books and other people, but they certainly aren’t afraid to get dirty and learn directly with their hands.

    Grower Qualities

    • Patient,
    • Measured,
    • Hardworking,
    • Innovative,
    • Flexible,
    • Economic,
    • Sturdy,
    • Good-Natured,
    • Trustworthy.

    If We Fully Invest 10 Trillion in Green Infrastructure 2,919,864 Grower Green Careers Will Be Created

    Learn More
    • 1,640,303 Crop Farmworkers
    • 243,222 Agricultural Managers
    • 98,616 Nursery Farmworkers
    • 72,333 Ranch Workers
    • 1,397,081 Greenhouse Farmworkers
    • 137,785 Food Preparers
    • 1,117 Agricultural Equipment Operators
    • 1,274 Farm Contractors
    • 126,148 Agricultural Products Graders and Sorters
    • 3,398 Food Roasting Operators
    • 22,632 Agricultural Managers
    • 68,222 Aqua-cultural Workers

    What Can You Do To Win Us Green New Careers?

    To win Green New Careers, we’ll need to work together to push politicians across the country to support bold climate infrastructure. The only thing politicians understand is power and we gain that through working together. We need to stand together as a movement to take direct action that brings awareness to our cause, bring votes to the ballot box, and organize our local communities to voice their need for Green New Careers. The Sunrise Movement is a national climate activist movement that has been fighting for the last five years to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process and our actions have brought climate to the front of national politics and we need your help to push it further.

    The way that we’ll win Green New Careers is by organizing our communities to fight for the futures we need. As a Grower, you enjoy being in touch with the environment and watching things grow and progress over time. And with your drive and goal-oriented mindset, you’ll need a role with plenty of opportunities to translate ideas into action. Whether that means literally feeding people by starting a neighborhood garden or providing strategic guidance in moments of crisis, your community knows they can count on you to show up and do what needs to be done to win a Green New Deal.

    Grower Beliefs

    • Enjoys working outdoors
    • Is fulfilled by life-long relationships
    • Is the kind of friend who will support others even through tough times
    • Believes the world can provide everything we need to live
    • Believes things need to mature before they meet their goals